The Guinness Book of World Records committee recently declared veteran Israeli actress Hanna Meron as the thespian with the world’s longest career in theater.

Hanna Meron

Photo by Gadi Dagon
Hanna Meron in ‘The Baggage Packer’

Meron, who is best known for her comic roles, is fondly called ‘the first lady of Israeli theater.’

She has won numerous honors and awards during her long career, and was reported to be “amused and flattered” by the latest title.

Meron was born in Germany and immigrated with her family to pre-state Israel in 1933. In 1970, she was seriously wounded when Palestinian terrorists hijacked her El-Al flight, and had to amputate her leg. She resumed her acting career a year later.

The Israel Prize laureate began acting at the age of four. Now, at the age of 87, she can be found on stage at the Cameri Theater in the play, The Baggage Packer.