November 9, 2009, Updated September 24, 2012

Israel is number five on the list of the Top Ten countries leading the world in cleantech, according to Shawn Lesser of Sustainable World Capital.

According to Lesser, analysts estimate that the cleantech market will crack the $2 trillion threshold by 2030.

Lesser ranks Israel (“the ‘Silicon Valley’ of water technology”) in fifth place and writes that the country is fast becoming the cleantech incubator to the world, noting that Israel recycles 75 percent of its wastewater, invented drip irrigation, and is home to the world’s largest reverse osmosis desalination plant.

While conceding that Israel isn’t the world’s biggest cleantech market, he writes that it might just be one of the world’s most important centers of cleantech innovation and R&D, with innovative companies such as CellEra, Aqwise and Emefcy.

Lesser adds that Better Place is also making Israel the first test-market for a nationwide electric vehicle recharge network and cites leading Israeli VCs such as Cleantech, Aqua Argo Fund and Terra Ventures.

The number one slot goes to Denmark, followed by Germany, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Following Israel on the list, in sixth to 10th places respectively, are Switzerland, the US, the United Arab Emirates, China and Canada.


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