March 25, 2012, Updated May 30, 2015

What makes the perfect cup of tea? British purists would say Darjeeling or English Breakfast, served piping hot with milk … or would they?

The latest infusion brewing around the world is a brand marketed as Spice Way, and it’s grown in a village in Israel’s Galilee hills. Spice Way’s Posh Pomelo and Melon tea infusion even received a Gold Star rating at Britain’s 2010 Great Taste Awards.


Israel doesn’t have tea plantations. But a great climate and the ingenuity of farmer and herbalist Avi Zithershpieler are a winning combination. He works his magic at a 17-acre organic herb farm planted 50 years ago by his parents. There’s also a visitor center and shop, one of the biggest spice and herb shops in the world with more than a thousand different blends for sale.