With a unique habitat that stretches from desert on one side of the country to verdant hills on the other, and incorporates the lowest place on earth along the way, it’s no wonder that Israeli conservationists are working hard to protect the environment from every type of threat.

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So birds of a feather can fly together

Israel’s chief avian ecologist is working to safeguard the 500 million birds that pass over the country twice a year on one of the world’s most important migratory routes.

The Cousteaus set course of action to Israel

It was a dream he couldn’t imagine would come real in a million years. Andreas Weil, the founder of Israel’s marine education and research NGO EcoOcean, was contacted by the legendary Cousteau family to collaborate on marine education in Israel.

Rethinking climate change under the Israeli sun

Three major studies by Israeli researchers on climate change in the Middle East shed new light on various aspects of global warming and how we should contend with them.

World’s birdlife in danger if Israeli sanctuary closes

Without one Israeli professor, half a billion of the world’s birds would be facing the threat of extinction. So why is his vital bird sanctuary under threat?

Taking wing at the largest flyway in the world

It was once Israel’s biggest environmental mistake. Now the Hula Valley is home to one of the world’s most important sites for migrating birds.

Israel’s EcoOcean charts the deep ‘green’ seas

Scientists once thought that most of our planet’s oxygen is produced in the heart of lush jungles and rainforests. Not so, says Michael Rosenfeld, program coordinator and scientist at EcoOcean – an Israeli non-profit organization that built and funds a unique seafaring vessel that would make Jacques Cousteau proud.

Israel may be the first to go furless

Israel may become the location of a historic first for animal rights, if a bill banning the import and sale of most types of fur soon becomes law.

Israel presents eucalyptus researchers with tree-saving solution

Love them or hate them, since they were brought to the West in 1770, eucalyptus trees have played an important part in modern forestation.

Israelis discover cure for bee colony collapse-associated virus

It is a real-life nightmare scenario that makes any horror movie pale by comparison. The honeybees are in trouble and, by extension, so is the human race.

A chance to save the coral reefs

With the help of a $4 m. grant, an Israeli professor hopes to bio-engineer remedies to save the world’s beautiful coral species from the effects of global warming.

Turning landfill into Israel’s green future

Here’s a Friday morning outing you’ve probably never considered: A trip to the dump. But not just any dump. The Hiria dump – an 80-meter high blight on the landscape, which no commuter traveling on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv highway could miss.

Israel’s military and farmers save birds

Israel’s environmentalists and Israel Military Industries (IMI) are working together to help farmers and the environment and to boost the declining population of predatory birds.

Environmental concerns bring Israelis, Jordanians and Palestinians together

They may come from worlds apart, but leading political and environmental figures from Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinian Authority have found a common theme to bring them together – the Great Rift Valley.

Jerusalem Biblical Zoo a world leader in protecting endangered species

Dr. Nili Avni-Magen sits at a computer as if in a regular office but you can tell there’s something else going on here. On the wall is a picture of herself and others intubating a huge brown bear before a medical procedure.

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