April 16, 2013, Updated September 2, 2013

Within days of announcing its inaugural “behind-the-scenes” tour of Israel, ISRAEL21c fielded wide interest from China to North America.

Join ISRAEL on a Journey to IsraelAfter all, it’s a tour of Israel unlike any other. ISRAEL21c and Keshet, The Center for Educational Tourism, have joined forces to provide an insider’s view of modern Israel.

The October 20-27, 2013 trip will give participants the chance to go behind ISRAEL21c’s headlines and visit the cutting-edge world of Israeli medicine, see how Israel’s innovative technology is made, and meet the people who help better Israeli society.

You’ve no doubt used the Waze navigation system to get around at home. This tour will give you the chance to find your way around Waze headquarters and meet with CEO Noam Bardeen.

Or, instead of waiting for the next big thing to hit headlines, you can catch a glimpse of some of the forward-thinking ideas emanating from the Startup Nation’s innovation labs.

You’ll also have the chance to meet ISRAEL21c’s reporters and find out how we get the story, how companies have changed after we published our reports, and get a scoop on what we’re working on next.

The itinerary includes standard touring and shopping options, of course, but this is not a hop-on, hop-off, take-a-photo bus trip. If you come along, make sure to pack curiosity, inquisitiveness and an open mind. Participants are expected to ask questions and take part in dialogue.

“Even if you’ve been to Israel before, you’ve never seen Israel like this. You truly will be immersed in ‘21st century’ Israel, taking pride in the ways that Israel is leading the world in technology, arts and culture, and humanitarian work,” says Amy Friedkin, president of ISRAEL21c. “Come join me in October.”