Alexa Greenstein
August 7, 2022

Paris-born beauty Virginie Khalifa is an influencer with a 12.4k following on Instagram.

Influencers usually are known for using their platform and following to promote products and therefore “influence” others to purchase certain items.

Instead, Khalifa uses her social-media power to educate her followers about travel and lifestyle in Israel, providing an opportunity for them to engage in her experiences.

Khalifa is not only a social-media star but also holds an impressive broadcast journalism career resume, having worked in French TV and for Israel’s i24News as a writer, director and host.

Khalifa’s journalism experience has enabled her to maximize her social following, initially on Facebook and now Instagram, where she captivates her audience through her photos and videos.

And she paints, too!


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Here’s what she has to say about herself.

Virginie Khalifa


Paris, France

What topics do you cover?
Lifestyle and innovation

When did you become an influencer and why?
After finishing my media studies in France, I started a career in TV journalism. I worked for French TV channels as a writer and a host, mainly for prime time shows.

Virginie Khalifa, showing off the best of Israel. Photo courtesy of Virginie Khalifa

I made aliyah [moved to Israel] in 2013 and joined i24News, where I acted as a writer/director of TV segments and short documentaries mainly involving travel and lifestyle in Israel. I also hosted my own show dealing with innovation and digital news, “Digital i24.”

With the expansion of the social-media medium, I quickly found myself communicating to my audience about travel and lifestyle, using first Facebook and now Instagram to communicate and share my experiences about Israel.


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What are the core messages you want to convey about Israel for your followers?
It’s really important for me to show them my vision of how beautiful and eclectic this country is. I also try every day to explain and share the truth about the situation here, especially when I see how “hating Israel” became a trend on social media. Propaganda became “facts” and too many people in Israel remain silent. I wish I had more influence sometimes.

What do you like most about what you do?
Meeting different people every day and learning from their personal experiences.

When people call me and share their enthusiasm about content I posted or tips I gave, it makes me really satisfied.

What’s your favorite Hebrew word or phrase?
Chaim sheli. [Literally “my life,” this is used as a term of endearment.]

What is your favorite place in Israel?
The Negev is super powerful. It makes you realize that the universe is way bigger than you. I love the colors, the beauty and the peacefulness of the desert. It brings me a lot of energy. It’s the perfect place to meditate and recharge far from the city.

What’s your favorite Israeli food?
Israeli food is a mixture of so many cultures! I grew up in a Polish and Algerian house so it’s hard for me to decide, but let’s make my future husband happy. So, my favorite Israeli food is the schnitzel he makes me with a lot of love.

What was your biggest failure?
I don’t know if it’s my biggest failure but it’s a recent one. I was producing and directing a documentary with a famous person. When we started to edit the story, we discovered that the sound was not good. It was a big fiasco, but eventually, we found a way to get around it.

What do you want to do next?
Shoot my own documentary.


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