Yulia Karra
October 16, 2023

When a Kibbutz Mefalsim resident, known only as G, was confronted by a group of Hamas terrorists last week, he did not think that his Tesla car would be his most powerful weapon. 

G was driving his Tesla Model 3 vehicle after being called up to help the local emergency squad, which came under fire from some 1,500 terrorists who infiltrated from the Gaza Strip. 

On his way, G was spotted by a group of 15 terrorists armed with AK-47 rifles and machine guns. 

“They didn’t understand that it was an electric vehicle, so they fired at the front of the car, hoping to hit the engine, and at the back, trying to hit and ignite the fuel tank,” G told Walla! News. He added that Tesla vehicles are not equipped with either traditional engines or fuel tanks. 

“So, they began shooting at the tires. I hit the gas and they started chasing me on a Toyota truck,” he recalls.

“The acceleration of the Tesla was amazing, and the dual drive system managed to keep me on the road.”

G managed to get away from the terrorists. He quickly realized, however, that he was hit by bullets in his legs, hand and head. 

“I had to get to the hospital as soon as possible, speeding at 112 mph with deflated tires.”

G maintained the exceptional speed, but after some time on the road, the tires began to fall apart. “But, the dual drive system of the car helped maintain stability of the wheels, which came close to operating on the rims.”

G eventually reached Ashkelon’s Barzilai Medical Center and was treated in the emergency room. 

The Tesla he was driving was riddled with at least 100 bullet holes. “The motivation kept me on the road,” he admits. 

“The car continued to drive, the battery did not heat up despite sustaining a lot of damage. There is no part of the vehicle that wasn’t hit. It still drives if you hit the gas, but it seems to me that I should start thinking about my next Tesla,” he laughs.

The story originally appeared on the Tesla Israel Telegram channel. Tesla founder Elon Musk later wrote on X, previously known as Twitter: “Glad he made it!”

Following the Hamas attack on October 7, the car company announced that all Tesla Supercharger stations in Israel will be available for free until further notice.

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