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December 15, 2022, Updated December 20, 2022

This holiday season, a lot of us will be doing our shopping online, and for good reason, too – almost all of our favorite brands are available just a click away.

But getting their products at your fingertips at multiple virtual locations is no easy feat for brands. This is where Israeli startup Cymbio steps in.

Cymbio is an all-in-one ecommerce growth platform that enables brands to easily connect to multiple marketplaces and retailers – think Macy’s, Nordstrom’s and Amazon – and perform all tasks from populating product data fields to managing inventory and cash flow and analyzing sales.

Helping brands with the challenge of online sales
The Cymbio platform integrates elements such as imagery, product catalogues, orders and returns for brands and connects them to retailers. Photo courtesy of Cymbio

This may sound obvious to us on the customer end. But think of all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

Not only does each brand use a wide array of software and protocols to manage things such as imagery, product catalogues, orders and returns, but retailers have different standards: some, for example, require product photos to be of large size against a white background, while others want a smaller photo against gray. And of course they also want to know how much stock the brand has at any given moment.

Things become quite complex when you have to comply with all the different standards to get your wares to the screens of potential customers.

“This is the challenge that we’re solving,” explains Roy Avidor, Cymbio’s co-founder and CEO.

“We connect to them no matter what they’re using. We sync the data into Cymbio and from Cymbio we pass it on to all the retailers and the marketplaces in the way that they want.”

Helping brands with the challenge of online sales
Cymbio cofounders Mor Lavi, Gilad Zirke, and Roy Avidor. Photo courtesy of Cymbio

By integrating and automating the entire process, “We create a standardization between the two sides, and this allows the brand to connect to many different marketplaces in one go and to manage all its stock using one platform,” Avidor tells ISRAEL21c.

“It reduces stock and logistics costs and provides many more opportunities for sales.”

Connected within 2 weeks

“Our ability to work with any kind of system and any kind of protocol is super unique,” says Avidor.

“The timeframe in which we connect the brand with each retailer is also unheard of. Within two weeks you can become connected almost to any retailer that you want.”

Helping brands with the challenge of online sales
Tel Aviv-based Cymbio caters mostly to customers in the United States. Photo courtesy of Cymbio

In the best Israeli fashion, Avidor founded Cymbio together with his army friend, Mor Lavi, eight years ago. Avidor’s family owns a chain of high-end clothing stores, while Lavi came to the company from a more product-oriented background.

Today, Cymbio serves around 400 brands and 800 retailers, most based in the United States and the remainder in Europe and the APAC region. Some examples are New Balance, Authentic Brands Group, Steve Madden, Marchesa, Camper and Micro Kickboard.

The Tel Aviv-based, growth-stage startup received funding from XT, Vertex, Corner Ventures and PayPal.

Evolving for the changing landscape

Avidor notes that Cymbio’s evolving solutions for challenges such as inventory and imagery keep up with developments in the field of e-commerce. 

“Today, we all buy online, on apps or via the web. Some of us even purchase on Instagram. But there are also things such as AR, VR and Meta, all these kinds of places and mediums through which we might be purchasing products in the future,” he says.

“From day one, we built the company to connect anyone to anywhere, any brand to any marketplace. The most interesting thing for us is that wherever e-commerce will turn, some of the current elements will remain,” he says.

Cymbio recently launched Cymbio Finance, which allows brands to consolidate financial operations automatically across retailers and marketplaces including Amazon.

Until we all begin to get ready for the holidays on Meta, Avidor confesses to his own online shopping habits.

“I’m a footwear fanatic,” he admits. “But to be honest, I mostly find myself buying all sorts of silly stuff for the kids.”

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