When Guatemala’s president needed advice on the development of desert areas and proper water management in his country, he turned to Israel’s Keren Kayemeth-Jewish National Fund (KKL-JNF).

KKL-JNF, the oldest “green” organization in the world, has been working since 1901 to advance water management, forestry and environment education and technology in Israel. The organization often shares expertise with other countries including Guatemala.

Recently, a KKL-JNF delegation headed by CEO Amnon Ben Ami flew to the Central American country to discuss with President Alejandro Giammattei and Foreign Minister Mario Bukaro the possibility of using KKL-JNF’s knowledge and technology to deal with Guatemala’s “Dry Corridor” and impending water crisis.

KKL-JNF delegation visiting Guatemala’s Israel Square, March 2022. Photo courtesy of KKL-JNF

During the same trip, the KKL-JNF delegation held a congress in Mexico to update hundreds of its leaders from Latin America, Spain and Portugal on KKL-JNF’s goals for the near future and the joint work for dealing with the climate crisis.

“It’s a great privilege for KKL-JNF to share its broad knowledge it has accumulated over the years regarding management of water and agriculture in arid areas,” said Ronnie Vinnikov, head of KKL-JNF’s Resource Development and External Affairs Division.

“Our visit in Guatemala was very successful, and we hope to sign a mutual memorandum of understanding in the near future. We look forward to hosting the Guatemalan delegation in Israel,” Vinnikov said.