February 14, 2012, Updated September 11, 2012

With millions of websites already online, and billions more on the way, designers who know how to make a landing page look good are an invaluable resource. But freelance professionals work at their own pace – and that might not fit the customer’s timetable.

That’s why tens of thousands have offloaded their web design work to a unique American-Israeli company called DesignPax, which Google has made its “go to” site for banner design.

All of the design work done by DesignPax is done in Israel.

“We’re a self-serve design shop for websites, banners, Facebook fan pages — even videos,” says DesignPax co-founder and CEO Ayal Ebert. “All the work is done within 72 hours — or even less — and at a clear price, with up to three revisions included. The DesignPax system takes the mystery out of web design, and puts the customer in control of the process.”

Until DesignPax was founded in 2009, says Ebert, that was not the case. “Unless your company is big enough to have a web designer on staff — and even then — you are at the mercy of freelancers, who have a lot of things on their plate. Before DesignPax, you had the options of going to Craigslist and placing an ad; a freelance site where designers would place bids; or a crowd-sourcing site.”

Any of those options have the potential of missed deadlines, cost overruns and disappointing quality. DesignPax, on the other hand, guarantees its work, price and turnaround time.

Committed to Israel

Though its customer service office is in New York, “all our work is done in Israel,” says Ebert. The company has about a dozen full-time designers and a few dozen part-time designers, and Ebert plans to hire more because business is so good.

“We examined the possibility of outsourcing the work to other English-speaking countries, like India, but we found that they couldn’t communicate effectively with customers. Only in Israel do you have the combination of an affordable Westernized workforce that can relate to North American customers.”

DesignPax’s deal with Google is clearly the company’s crowning achievement. “Google recommends us as the display and banner ad designer to hundreds of thousands of customers who move up from text to display ads on Google pages,” says Ebert.

“Google sales staff provide customers with a coupon they can redeem, they send us their ideas, photos, copy, etc., and our staff does their magic. Within 72 hours they get back a design which is then placed on a Google page. There’s no time lost on problems with the design process or scheduling. Customers are up and ready to go within a few days.”

Jerusalem-based DesignPax has been profitable since day one. “We started out with banners, and when that was successful we moved into other areas. Now we’re really a full-service online design studio,” says Ebert.

DesignPax was initially self-funded “We decided recently to solicit some investment money to expand into some projects we would like to initiate,” says Ebert, “and we are about to close a round of funding that will let us bring some great new projects online.”

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