June 19, 2012

When Google chairman Eric Schmidt says the company’s development centers in Israel are among Google’s most efficient offices in the world, there’s no need to question the veracity of the statement. Schmidt, who is in Tel Aviv, also noted that investments in Israeli start-ups are highly beneficial.

Speaking at a Tel Aviv conference, Schmidt praised Israeli engineers, the country’s higher education system and the training acquired in the army.

“We love Israel,” he said.

Schmidt told the Tel Aviv conference that the secret of innovation is trying new things.

Schmidt is set to meet Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and address the Israeli Presidential Conference.

Schmidt said he hopes to expand his investments in Israel. To date, he has invested $1.5 million in Israeli online video advertising company Eyeview Digital.

“There are no disadvantages to investing in Israel – just advantages,” he was quoted by Yedioth Aharonoth as saying.

“Israel has the most important high-tech center in the world after the US,” he told the Hebrew daily.