April 6, 2011, Updated September 12, 2012

Want to help preserve Israel’s wildlife, deserts or hiking trails? GoEco will match you with the eco-tourism site of your choice.


GoEco, an Israeli organization for “voluntourists” — socially conscious tourists who want to contribute something to the community and environment in the places they visit – has made a business out one of the hottest trends in travel today.

In the past, volunteering in Israel meant spending time on a kibbutz. Today, eco-tourism projects are a bigger draw, and some are even kibbutz-based. GoEco matches volunteers with wildlife and desert conservation programs in locations like the Biblical Zoo in Jerusalem, Nazareth, and the Negev desert among many others.

Eco volunteer tourism

Volunteers from around the world come to Israel to take part in wildlife and desert conservation programs.

“I hope that when people come to Israel with GoEco they learn that Israelis are not only focused on the political situation but they’re also focused on sustaining the land that is so holy and dear to so many people,” says the organization’s volunteer coordinator, Carly Siegel.

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Jason Harris

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