Visiting American talk show host Glenn Beck addressed Israeli lawmakers in the Knesset about his indisputable support for Israel. Speaking to the Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs Committee, Beck said the lawmakers should “stop playing the game” of mainstream media.

“In America, the media is skewed on Israel,” said the former Fox host. “The Israeli Palestinian conflict … is about the destruction of Israel and the end of the western way of life. Period.”

Beck was invited to speak to the committee by its chairman, Danny Danon of the Likud Party.

“We invited Glenn Beck to our committee because he has done such a wonderful job of explaining the basic truth on his programs,” said Danon, the Knesset’s deputy speaker. “Israel has always been and always will be the homeland of the Jewish People, and any attempts to delegitimize this right should not be accepted by fair and free people around the world.”

The conservative talk show host also quoted the book of Ruth, saying, “Where you go, I shall go, Your people is my people, your God is my God.”

According to reports, Beck’s visit, including his address to the Knesset committee, is being filmed for his online show. Beck is in town on one of his three solidarity trips planned for this year.

In addition to his parliamentary hearing, Beck is also promoting “Restoring Courage,” his August 24 rally to be held in Jerusalem, which aims to show solidarity with Israel.