December 26, 2013

Gilat Satellite Networks, a leader in satellite networking technology, has been awarded two multi-year projects valued at $129-million in Colombia and Peru.

The Israeli company that makes equipment for sending and receiving satellite transmissions will provide Colombia’s Ministry of Information and Technology (MINTIC) Connectivity Division with deployment and connectivity services to rural communities and schools and will design, setup and implement a network as part of the Integracion Amazonica Loreto initiative in Peru.

Erez Antebi, CEO of Gilat

MINTIC, a long-time Gilat customer, has already used services based on Gilat’s SkyEdge II VSATs, including SkyEdge II WebEnhance, in nearly 4,000 rural communities and schools around Colombia. This latest project, valued at $99 million, includes 10 months of rural Internet and telephony deployment, plus three years of connectivity and educational training services for more than 1,900 digital kiosks in two regions.

“We are very happy to have been awarded this project to help MINTIC provide Internet and telephony services as part of its commitment to provide digital inclusion, development and employment to rural Colombian residents,” said Erez Antebi, CEO of Gilat Satellite Networks. “It is very satisfying to see an organization such as MINTIC continue to rely on Gilat’s ability to provide technology and services of this size and scope.”

In Peru, Gilat will implement a high-capacity broadband network between Iquitos and the town of Isla Santa Rosa, to enable internet and telephony services for the inhabitants in 70 communities in the Loreto region.

“We are happy that Fitel has chosen Gilat again as the operator for this challenging project,” said Antebi. “We look forward to continuing our commitment and record of successful delivery to Fitel to bring communication services to the most remote areas of the country, while contributing to social inclusion, education, development and employment in these areas.”