He’s just won the World Boxing Association’s Super Welterweight Boxing Title, so what does Israeli Yuri Foreman do in his spare time? Study to be a rabbi of course.


For Israeli Yuri Foreman, boxing and faith aren’t so very different. Foreman, who won the World Boxing Association Super Welterweight Boxing Title in a fight against Daniel Santos in Las Vegas on November 14, is also studying to be a rabbi. And he sees no contradiction there.

He may have an exhausting training schedule to keep in tip-top condition for his fights, but the rest of the time the 29-year-old spends in rabbinical studies.


Foreman, nicknamed the Lion of Zion, first learned to box in Belarus Russia at age seven, after being bullied in a swimming pool. He moved to Israel at the age of 11, and later decided to move again to the US to pursue his sport.

ISRAEL21c caught up with him at a Jewish National Fund benefit in New York to celebrate his win.

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