May 28, 2013, Updated May 27, 2013

A Florida hospital has chosen EarlySense, the Israeli-made bedside patient monitoring and centralized system, to enhance its healthcare and help prevent readmissions.

Florida Hospital Tampa has announced that it is elevating health care in Tampa Bay by adopting the EarlySense system. Without ever physically touching the patient, the system measures heart rate, respiration rate, patient movement while in bed, and how often a patient enters and exits the hospital bed, by utilizing a sensor that is placed under the mattress of a bed.

The nursing team receives real time alerts on mobile devices or at the control center located in the nurse’s station if there are changes or findings that require attention.

The EarlySense sensor pad under the mattress continuously monitors heart rate and respiratory rate, without wires and with no discomfort or restrictions on the patient’s freedom of movement.

“We are committed to elevating healthcare in Tampa Bay by delivering the highest quality of care and enhancing patient safety, which is demonstrated by our early adoption of the EarlySense system,” said John Harding, President and CEO of Florida Hospital Tampa.

The EarlySense system provides early indication of a potential adverse event. It is well documented that detection of early warning signs, six to eight hours prior to an adverse event, can make the difference between patient survival, or not. It can also reduce patient readmissions, pressure ulcers and falls.

“We are very pleased to add Florida Hospital Tampa to the growing list of US-based hospitals using EarlySense technology to avoid adverse patient events and improve performance. Many problems caregivers experience today with current products typically involve monitoring device leads, also called wires; that are physically attached to patients. With EarlySense technology, we do not place leads on a patient, therefore the same types of problems experienced with traditional monitoring technology can be avoided. We are excited about tracking the results and potential improvements that will be experienced by the implementation of the EarlySense system at Florida Hospital of Tampa,” said Tim O’Malley, President, EarlySense.

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Jason Harris

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