An Israeli start-up has found a way to customize a commercial LCD TV by adding its own layer of optics to create a three-dimensional experience.

Today, 3D films like Avatar, are some of the most popular at the box office, but they are costly and take time to make as each scene must be shot with two cameras, one from the perspective of each eye. If the image isn’t good, the viewer starts to get dizzy.

3DTV 3D television

Watching TV might never be the same again with Israeli company 3DTV.

Ra’anana-based 3DTV, on the other hand, adds a layer of optics on top of the existing layer on a commercial LCD TV. This layering redirects the pixels in nine different directions, creating the illusion of three dimensions.

The software can convert previously-made video into 3D content, including movies made for 3D viewing, like Avatar, and movies made in two dimensions.

Owner and CEO David Ohayon is confident that the technology will advance quickly, breaking into the realms of medicine and architecture. He believes that once it is possible to view content in artificial 3D on our screens, people will want to see everything in 3D.