January 23, 2011, Updated September 12, 2012

The Israeli made ‘Rewalk’ recently received FDA approval, and will soon help the paralyzed population get back on their feet. The device is a set of mechanical legs attached to a backpack battery system that allows a paralyzed patient to “walk” all day.

Designed and developed in Israel, the ‘Rewalk’ was just featured in the holiday edition of Glee last year.

The quasi-robotic exoskeleton which includes leg braces with motorized joints and motion sensors, a brace support suit and a backpack with a computer and battery was developed by ARGO Medical Technologies. The use of the device allows people to walk for up to 12 hours each day. ‘Rewalk’ uses a remote control worn like a wrist watch. When the user puts it in “walk” mode and leans forward, the legs start waking. When they lean back, it stops.

“From the point of view of the disabled person it’s self esteem, the dignity of the person. I mean sitting, being in a height of a child, a grown up in a height of a child is difficult,” said Dr. Amit Goffer, founder and director of Argo and a quadriplegic himself. In a tragic twist, Goffer has no use of his arms and cannot use his own invention.

In addition to the FDA approval, the company has already received CE approval for Europe.

The cost of the ‘Rewalk’ is around $50,000 per patient. The company, however, says it will actually save money in the long run by allowing the people the freedom to walk once again.

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