While Israel’s Twitter community remains fairly small, the Facebook social networking site, with two million subscribers, is the fourth most popular website in the country, according to CheckFaceBook, a country-by-country provider of Facebook statistics.

CheckFaceBook also reports that Israel’s subscribers are less than one percent of the 316 million Facebook subscribers worldwide. It further divulges that 53.8 percent of Israeli Facebook subscribers are men and 46.2% are women, with Israelis aged 18 to 24 constituting 32.4% of subscribers, those aged 25 to 34 constituting 37.6% and teenagers aged 14 to 17 constituting 18.3%.

According to Globes, Israel’s leading business news website, the TIM monthly Internet survey for October found that 52% of Israeli children aged three to 12, surf the web.

TIM surveyed 5,200 Israeli parents and found that 33% of children aged three to six and 66% of children aged seven to 12 use the Internet.

The children mainly use the Internet for games, children’s websites and school work. Fifty percent of children aged 11 to 12 listen to music online.