Facebook recently turned to Israeli start-up face.com to endorse its status in the battle for Internet supremacy with Google.

The mega social network integrated the Israeli-made face recognition technology into its photo sharing capabilities. This will allow the 750 million users of Facebook to tag and identify friends’ photos.

Facebook’s draft of the Israeli technology comes in the wake of Google’s acquisition of PittPatt, another technology that deals with face recognition into profiles and photo albums on Google+.

“Without getting too technical, our technology looks at information that is already known – photos in your Facebook account, for example – and compares them with elements of other photos with unknown elements. Our algorithms compare the photos, and Friend Finder makes an educated guess on the identity of a person. The user is then asked to confirm, and a tag is attached to the identified person, with that photo now added to the recognition database,” CEO Gil Hirsch told ISRAEL21c in an earlier interview.

The Israeli startup says its technology has ‘discovered’ over 18 billion faces.

Face.com was founded in 2007 and has raised $6 million.