When Audrin Antigua, a Filipina woman in Bogo City, gave birth to a baby boy in a field hospital set up by the Israel Defense Forces, she called her son Israel, as a thank you to the Israeli people.

It was November 2013, the Philippines had just been hit by the deadly category 5 storm Typhoon Haiyan, and Bogo City on Cebu Island, was devastated. Across the country 6,300 people had been killed, and some four million were homeless. The IDF rushed to help, arriving almost first on the scene, with a delegation of 150 doctors, nurses and search and rescue units.

Since its founding, Israel has sent aid to 140 countries, helping people on virtually every continent with anything from medical to psychological to educational and environmental relief.

This is a phenomenal achievement for a country that has existed for only  68 years, and which has a population of just over 8 million people; and yet very few people know about it.

To celebrate the devotion and accomplishments of Israeli aid workers, and as the second in our series of DIY exhibitions, for our readers and users, ISRAEL21c has created a remarkable and inspiring online exhibition exploring the many facets of this aid. The My Name is Israel exhibition can be downloaded by anyone, used anywhere, and at any time.

In our 15 slides, we bring you stories of Israeli aid in the wake of international disasters. We also explore how Israelis help refugees, the citizens of enemy nations, and how they share their expertise and knowledge worldwide.

Brought together for the first time, the stories in this exhibition offer an exciting and moving account of how Israelis of every religion take the Jewish concept of tikkun olam, repairing the world, and apply it literally to try to help people worldwide in so many different ways.


The exhibition is easy to use and includes 15 full-color images.

You can:

• Download, print and post it in any location, either displayed onsite or online.
• You may have the images enlarged on foam core board for display on easels or in display cases.
• Or simply present it online using a tablet, computer, smart TV or other video device.

Each of the slides includes textual information about the area of aid and QR links to significant further reading material that can help viewers gain a detailed picture of how Israel is helping the world.

You may use any part of the exhibition you want, and we also offer you the chance to co-brand the exhibition with your own organization.

We’d love to hear your stories and see the photographs of the events you run using the My Name is Israel exhibition.

If you need more information or have questions, or want to send us photographs, please contact us at info@israel21c.org; we’ll be delighted to help.