Israel’s EnzySurge, maker of the DermaStream® product line and a provider of innovative solutions for advanced chronic wound management, has successfully expanded its latest $2.5 million round of funding to conclude at a total of $4.1 million at a company value of $21 million.

To date, EnzySurge has raised $11 million in several private equity rounds led by Eli Gilboa, CPA of Gilboa & Licht, who serves as the company’s active chairman.

The global chronic wound care market is estimated at close to $4 billion annually.

EnzySurge recently received the go-ahead from the FDA to market SilverStream, its unique ionic silver wound management solution, for professional use. FDA also cleared DermaSept, an over-the-counter version of SilverStream for management of burns, cuts and abrasions.

A single patient use disposable system, the DermaStream product line allows for the continuous streaming of fresh therapeutic solutions over the wound bed.

Chief Executive Officer Amir Shiner, who was interviewed recently by ISRAEL21c, says that the company will use the new financing to broaden its go-to-market efforts in the US and the EU.

Based in Rosh Ha’ayin in central Israel, EnzySurge operates its marketing and sales activities from its US office in Richmond, VA.