SoftWheel has a revolutionary suspension system.
SoftWheel has a revolutionary suspension system.

Israeli startup SoftWheel, which already has the wheelchair and bicycle world talking about its groundbreaking suspension system within wheels, is now eyeing the electric vehicle market.

Daniel Barel, CEO of Softwheel, told ISRAEL21c that several car manufacturers have already approached the Tel Aviv-based company about its technology that can reduce wasted energy and absorb shocks for a smoother ride, but refused to disclose any names.

SoftWheel’s technology ups the ante on current tire and suspension systems with its wheels automatically responding to changes in the terrain. The company is currently focused on improving wheelchair and bicycle wheels but hopes to crack the automobile, airplane and mass transit markets as well.

“We were asked by the Alternative Fuels Initiative at the Prime Minister’s Office to start R&D for incorporating our technology into hub motors of e-racing cars in order to start trickling down the technology into the automobile market,” Barel told ISRAEL21c.

According to a Bloomberg report, “improving efficiency of electric cars would help increase their battery range, a major issue for consumers looking to drive long distances in the zero-emissions vehicles.”