Patient monitor developer EarlySense has raised $13 million in its third financing round. Founded in 2004, to date, EarlySense has raised about $24m.

The start-up recently completed trials and regulatory procedures and received US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for its lead product, EverOn, and is now preparing for sales, starting in the US and Europe.

EverOn, is a contact-free patient supervision system installed underneath a hospital bed mattress. There are no leads or cuffs to connect to the patient, who has complete freedom of movement and is not burdened by any irritating attachments. The system measures patient vital signs and movements and alerts medical personnel to the changes in a patient’s condition.

Detecting heart and respiration rates, bed entries and exits, as well as patient movement, EverOn also helps the medical staff to better implement patient turns, which can positively influence the treatment and prevention of pressure ulcers.

Clinical evaluations performed worldwide with EverOn show significant improvement in clinical and economic outcomes for hospitals using the system.

The financing round was led by Pitango Venture Capital. Current shareholders Etgar Challenge Fund, Proseed VC Fund, Docor International Management, Noaber, and Bridge Investment Fund also participated.