Naama Barak
December 6, 2023

A Herzliya-headquartered company whose Driver Sense monitoring technology detects drowsiness and distraction in drivers will be installed in seven truck and bus models made by a European commercial vehicle manufacturer.

Cipia, founded in 2005 as Eyesight, developed an in-cabin sensing solution with embedded computer vision and AI technology that tracks drivers’ blink rate, direction of gaze, pupil dilation and head position. The system alerts and intervenes when it seems that the driver is drowsy or distracted.

Blink rate, gaze direction, pupil dilation and head position are monitors by Driver Sense. Photo courtesy of Cipia
Blink rate, gaze direction, pupil dilation and head position are monitors by Driver Sense. Photo courtesy of Cipia

The system originally aimed to provide a solution for controlling in-car entertainment and telephone systems touch-free. 

But a few years ago, when it was announced that any manufacturer wishing to receive a European 5-star safety rating on its models would require a driver-monitoring system to be installed, the company shifted its focus. 

Driver Sense is aimed at professional fleet drivers and also detects enrolled drivers, allowing for the personalization of the end-user environment, for example by adjusting cabin temperature, media preferences and recent destinations. 

In addition, it detects unsafe behavior such as smoking, talking on the phone or not fastening seatbelts.

Cipia’s technology is already set to be incorporated into 57 vehicle models across nine original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Europe, China and the United States.

As part of this latest deal, Cipia’s driver monitoring system will be built into seven new models of trucks and buses to be manufactured in late 2025 and sold worldwide.

“I’m delighted that Cipia has signed its second European deal this year, expanding our customer base globally,” says Cipia CEO Yehuda Holtzman.

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