DayTwo, an Israel-based precision medicine company that uses microbiome data to create personalized nutrition protocols, won first place in the 2020 Roche Diabetes Care Innovation Contest.

On June 8, four finalists presented their virtual pitches to the judges following a series of programs that helped them test and refine their solutions to see how they could best integrate with Roche Diabetes Care.

DayTwo’s nutrition protocols, delivered through an app, have been shown to help reduce blood-sugar levels and increase glycemic control without eliminating carbs or restricting calories. This could prevent or delay the development of diabetes. The product is based on Weizmann Institute research showing that the same types of food can affect people differently.

The Swiss-based Roche pharmaceutical company is the second largest in the world in terms of revenue and employs 85,000 people in 150 countries, including in Israel.

The worldwide innovation contest was held in partnership with MATTER Health, a collaborative includes more than 200 international startups working with dozens of hospitals, health systems, universities and companies to build the future of healthcare in the United States.

“At Roche we have discovered the unmet customer needs we want to target for value creation, and through this program, our goal has been to find the innovators out there who are expertly positioned to address those needs. DayTwo is one of those companies that is perfectly positioned to address unmet patient needs and solve multiple problems through a personalized nutrition solution,” said Marco De Polo, head of strategic insights and open innovation at Roche.

As the winner, DayTwo will receive $20,000, a one-year membership to MATTER and further collaboration opportunities with Roche.

“DayTwo is proud to be recognized by Roche and MATTER as the winner of the Roche Diabetes Innovation Competition. We forward to collaboration with Roche to leverage our microbiome platform and food-as-medicine solution with Roche’s Diabetes Care Ecosystem,” said DayTwo CEO and cofounder Lihi Segal.