On October 31, cyclists of all ages from the United States, England, Canada, Israel and Australia will set out on The Israel Ride, a five-day trek sponsored by Israel’s Arava Institute for Environmental Studies and Hazon, America’s largest Jewish environmental group.

The week-long ride offers options for recreational riders and experienced cyclists, who support the work of both organizations through pledges from sponsors.

But aside from seeing the sights and sampling the local cuisine from Jerusalem to Eilat, participants will be briefed along the way about the ecological challenges in the Negev region.

The Israel Ride began in 2003 and now has 1,800 alumni. Many riders return from year to year.

The Arava Institute for Environmental Studies, which last year marked its 20th anniversary, is a teaching and research program that transcends traditional religious and political divides. Each semester, approximately 40 students — one-third Jewish Israelis, one-third Palestinians and Jordanians and one-third international students – learn how to solve the region’s environmental challenges cooperatively.