July 28, 2011, Updated September 11, 2012

No need to watch your step anymore, thanks to a new Israeli device the dog poo problem on city sidewalks could soon be a thing of the past.

NUFAR Natural Products, an Israeli company specializing in the advancement of patents and innovative products, recently announced its development of a harness that attaches to the back of a dog and enables dog owners to throw away dog stools without coming into contact with the feces.

“It is completely hygienic,” Managing Director of NUFAR Israel Solodoch told ISRAEL21c.

The innovation is made of plastic, its lightweight, elegant, connects easily and doesn’t bother the dog when walking.

“The idea came up because it was obvious that a solution to the dog poo problem had to be found,” Solodoch told ISRAEL21c. “It’s hard to walk on the sidewalk today, you always have to look out for dog poo.”

The product will initially be marketed in Israel, Europe and the United States.

The scope of international sales is estimated at about $1 billion a year.

A company press release also highlighted that the new device will help prevent children becoming infected with diseases and tapeworms from having come into contact with dog feces in sand pits.

The product has been patented in the United States and is now in the process of getting an international patent registration.

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