In a Jerusalem suburb, the R&D team for Israeli company Powermat is working on innovative wireless solutions for recharging cell phones and other handheld devices.

CTO Amir Ben-Shalom explains that the technology is actually quite simple; the secret is making it small and thin enough to embed in a phone or similar products.


Powermat’s wireless charging system is so small and thin that it can be embedded in numerous products.

Available in plug-in or battery-charged mat models that can power up one, two or three devices, Powermat is available through Homedics at more than 30,000 US retailers. Now, to make wireless charging as widely available as Wi-Fi, the company is working with airport seating and office furniture makers to add Powermats to their products.

General Motors has also invested $5 million to build in Powermat chargers between the seats of its hybrid electric Chevy Volt. The device may even one day wirelessly power the vehicle itself.