Abigail Klein Leichman
February 13

OPENLANE, a US-based international digital marketplace for wholesale used vehicles, is now using Israeli technology to allow all US customers to assess exterior vehicle condition accurately and easily.

The AI vehicle intelligence platform from Click-Ins detects and analyzes damage based on images captured in real time from any mobile device. This technology is a boon for used car sellers, insurance companies and rental companies.

Powered by Click-Ins, OPENLANE’s Visual Boost AI creates visual overlays of detected exterior damage directly within the vehicle condition report. This feature empowers potential buyers to identify and assess any damage before purchase.

“Visual Boost AI leverages artificial intelligence and computer vision technology to provide a virtual overlay of any exterior damage detected. The overlays feature hot pink highlights that pinpoint detected damage, including hail, paint peel, detached panels, broken lights, rust, scratches, dents and cracks. Buyers can toggle the overlays on or off within the condition report for each vehicle they review, empowering them to more quickly and accurately interpret the data captured in the vehicle description and ultimately make smarter, more profitable bidding and buying decisions,” OPENLANE explained in a corporate statement.

Car inspection tech adopted by major US vehicle marketplace
OPENLANE Visual Boost AI, powered by Click-Ins, lets customers pinpoint exterior damage quickly and accurately. Photo courtesy of OPENLANE

Following a three-month pilot at the company’s site in Texas, Click-Ins’ technology was deployed across hundreds of additional sites of OPENLANE throughout the United States in just one day, covering all dealer-consigned vehicles in its US marketplace.

“OPENLANE’s Visual Boost AI really improves the quality of the inspections, giving me 60%-70% extra confidence about the major damage on the vehicle,” said Rami Mourtaja, general manager of R B Morgan in Houston, Texas. “Before, I was circling the pictures trying to find everything, and now it’s all done for me. Scratches, dents, everything — it’s easier and faster than ever for me to view an inspection and bid with confidence.”

The Click-Ins solution, which takes less than a minute to complete, is commercially available at customers across the United States, Latin America and Europe, providing 24/7 service.

Meanwhile, another Israeli vehicle inspection technology from UVeye, in collaboration with Connexion Mobility and General Motors, is set to improve the way GM dealerships manage their loaner and rental fleet operations.

Car inspection tech adopted by major US vehicle marketplace
GM is using UVeye technology for loaner fleet vehicle inspections. Photo courtesy of UVeye

Building on the success of the OnTRAC platform for loaner and rental fleet management, and UVeye’s AI-powered inspection systems, this new solution improves the accuracy and efficiency of loaner fleet vehicle inspections for dealers.

UVeye’s technology – already operational at hundreds of US GM dealerships – will display real vehicle images and a full condition report automatically within OnTRAC.

This enables dealers to easily identify damage during loaner vehicle handovers, including tire damage (sidewall, rim, and tread depth), underbody issues, such as leaks or broken parts, and exterior damage, such as scratches and dents. The transparent damage documentation is then made available to customers via SMS, fostering trust and transparency in every transaction.

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