Rachel Neiman
August 16, 2013

Broadband (Pass Rahav in Hebrew) is a new quarterly publication about photography produced and edited by the Department of Photographic Communication – Hadassah Academic College, Jerusalem.

Consisting of an online magazine and blog, the publication is dedicated to various topics in photography, video and new media worldwide. There are articles and message boards about exhibitions, openings, workshops, and seminars across the Israel and more. The blog also offers a “mini-gallery” of photographic works.
The first edition of the magazine showcases works by talented local photographers. Following is a selection – the full edition is available at broadband.co.il.

First in a photo series by Divi Bar-El

First in a photo series by Anna Polansky

First in a photo series by Fiona Yaron Field

First in a photo series by Iti Davidian

First in a photo series by Shira Igell

First in a photo series by Keren Zaltz

The rest of the series are available online at broadband.co.il — and stay tuned for the next issue of Broadband.

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