October 10, 2013

Israel’s first Brain Technology Conference is around the corner and global leaders in the neurotechnology field are heading to Tel Aviv to take part. Organizers say more than 350 scientists, Nobel Prize laureates, entrepreneurs and investors are set to attend the October 14-15 event.

The conference will spotlight the Israeli Neurotechnology Industry, global brain initiatives, and investing in brain technology.

Israeli President Shimon Peres sparked the idea for the first international meeting, citing Israel as a global epicenter for brain technology.

“The Startup Nation is fast becoming the Brain Nation,” say organizers of the event.

The $1 Million B.R.A.I.N. Prize competition finals will take place during the conference at which an international panel of judges will announce the winner for a recent, practical breakthrough in the field of brain technology.

Among the nominees are Insightec, Nano-Retina, ElMindA & Soterix and BrainGateTeam.

Illustration by Shutterstock.com