Next week, the billboards of Jerusalem — now plastered with posters for the upcoming municipal elections — will be replaced by works of art and become a giant outdoor gallery. The exhibition, entitled Black Box, features works from with billboard-sized images by 50 of Israel’s leading artists.

For 10 days, 80 photos sized 2.5 by 1.86 meters will be displayed on 80 billboards around the city. The exhibition will be held between October 23 to November 3 in the neighborhoods of Baka, Ein Karem, French Hill, the German Colony, Katamon, Katamonim , Kiryat Yovel, Pat, Rehavia , Talpiot and Jerusalem’s city center.

As was done last year, the Black Box exhibition will mark the opening of Manofim, the exhibition season in Jerusalem.

Black Box 2012 – Image by Lali Fadida

The exhibition makes use of public spaces to expose the general public to the kind of art generally seen only in galleries.

Black Box 2013 – “My Desktop” by Shay-Lee Uziel

According to the Jerusalem Municipality, the project’s curators want to make high art easily accessible by putting it in front of people in a way that cannot be avoided, “compelling passers-by to take a break from their daily routine and spend an intimate moment interacting with creative works”.

Black Box 2013 – Image by Mor Rife

“The project’s title “Black Box” is derived from the terminology of the black box as a conscious place in which there is a disruption between what the senses perceive and a person’s behavioral conduct. It is the intermediate space between input and output defined as an inaccessible area, one that the events taking place inside which remain mysterious and vague.”

Black Box 2013 – “Yonit” by Shai Yehezkel

They add that the content is a “commercial break” from commercials — deliberately unlike advertising and emphasizing issues relating to society rather than shopping.

Black Box 2013 – “Perfect Day” by Tom Porat

Black Box opens on October 23 at 8:00 PM at the Bishop’s House, 25 Street of Prophets (Rehov HaNevi’im), Jerusalem with a program that includes a presentation of the exhibition catalog, performances, and video installations.

Black Box is supported by the Visual Art Department, Culture and Arts Department of the Jerusalem Municipality, The Jerusalem Foundation, Mifal HaPais Foundation and Manofim, Jerusalem’s official contemporary art event. For more information, visit the Black Box page on Facebook.