Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli as well as singers, athletes and former government ministers covered themselves in coal to promote alternative energy sources with Greenpeace.

Greenpeace is opening an exhibit entitled “Buried in Coal” at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque next week, as a protest against the coal mills in Israel.

The exhibit features photographs of celebrities, who volunteered to be buried in coal “in order to illustrate the terrible danger of producing energy through burning coal,” the organization explains.

Most of the electricity in Israel is produced by burning coal, and, according to Greenpeace, “the electric company is pushing to build another coal mill in the south.

“The exhibit is meant to call on the prime minister to prevent the building of another mill in Israel, and promote clean energy alternatives.”

In addition to Refaeli, the celebrities who participated in the exhibit include Eurovision performers Mira Awad and Ahinoam Nini, former education minister Yossi Sarid, and Israel National Basketball Team coach Oded Katash.

In July, Greenpeace boarded a coal ship headed for Hadera, and naval police had to intervene to safely deliver the coal to the mill.