Abigail Klein Leichman
June 5, 2014

 Last October, Dr. Roberto Ebner wrote to say that he had chanced upon ISRAEL21c’s “Top 10 incredible Israeli advances in vision” and was “amazed by the synthesis in the steps you explored on this subject.”

Dr. Ebner, chairman of ophthalmology at the British Hospital of Buenos Aires, cofounded the Jewish Ophthalmologists in Buenos Aires professional group in 2012, with eye surgeon Dr. Gustavo Goldman.

The inaugural meeting featured Dr. Amir Amedi of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a world pioneer in sensory substitution devices for people with vision loss. (Yes, we’ve written about him several times.)

The group meets twice a year and always devotes a few sessions to a Jewish topic – such as the kabbalistic meaning of the eye, medieval scholar-physician Maimonides’ treatise on eyes, kosher wine-tastings or a synopsis of medical advances in Israel.

“We’d like to be on your list and receive periodical info regarding scientific Israeli medical advances (some we know, some we don’t) for comment during our meetings,” Dr. Ebner requested.

We were happy to register him to receive ISRAEL21c’s free weekly edition of the stories we post every day.

The latest meeting included a discussion based on our story “Israelis find cure for stem-cell debate.”

“We feel proud of the achievements of Jewish ophthalmologists around the country who share a common interest in getting together and exchanging cultural information linking the eye and our culture, religion and history,” writes Dr. Ebner. “The enthusiastic group is growing and expects to continue forever.”

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Jason Harris

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