Rachel Neiman
September 20, 2014, Updated August 5, 2015

Yula Zubritsky is a professional photographer who, for over 15 years, has involved in creative projects for a range of industries.


When photographing food — the field in which she specializes — she combines her background in photography, graphic design and software user experience to produce top-flight visuals for leading restaurants, hotel chains, chefs and leading lifestyle and business magazines and websites.


The most important element in taking pictures of food is styling: the art of preparing and arranging food so that it looks tasty and fresh. This, as Zubritsky puts it, is making “talking photos” — pictures that actually pass on a particular dish’s “message, story, atmosphere, feelings, process, product, taste and smell”.


In time for Rosh HaShana, Zubritsky has produced a series of pomegranate, apples and honey-themed images, perfect for sending as New Year’s e-greeting cards, with or without text (in Hebrew or English) and with space to add in a personal message.


The series has also been resized as Facebook cover images, making it easy to greet both friends and “friends”. We present a selection here (not to actual size). To purchase and download, visit her homepage, Yula | Zubritsky | Photos.



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