Mekorot, Israel’s national water company, will use mobile software from Jerusalem-based startup VizibleZone to get automatic notification of Covid-19 exposure in Mekorot’s factories and plants.

Employees install a smartphone application that monitors their proximity in real time without tracing locations, thus maintaining privacy.

If a Covid-positive employee is detected, the technology tracks all relevant employee interactions three weeks prior, alerting any coworkers who require quarantine. The goal is to minimize isolation to those who were in closest proximity.

Gabi Ofir, CEO of VizibleZone. Photo courtesy of VizibleZone

Company managers can use an accompanying dashboard tool to generate epidemiological investigations at workplace indoor and outdoor workplaces, thus enabling factories and buildings to maintain business continuity.

Shimon Rosh, Mekorot’s head of Covid-19 safety, said, “We chose VizibleZone’s solution to allow our employees to safely maintain routine activity at sites across the country during the corona pandemic. The technology allows monitoring of exposure and an epidemiological investigation as necessary, while fully preserving our employees’ privacy.”

VizibleZone is dedicated to turning mobile phones into lifesaving devices using context-sensitive data collected and processed by the phones. One of the company’s primary solutions is the Road Traffic Collision Avoidance System.

“Keeping businesses open and functioning is a critical aspect of emerging from lockdowns and getting economies back on track,” said VizibleZone CEO Gabi Ofir.