February 2, 2003

Workers on oil rigs have long used Hand Sense to protect them against against exposure to toxic and irritating substances.Hand Sense, an Israeli-developed skin protection product that provides an effective protective shield against a number of harmful substances, including chemical agents that could be used in a terrorist attack, is now available to U.S. consumers.

“Hand Sense has long been used by the Israeli army in many industrial applications and military factories, as well as in many private sectors,” said Amir Segev, the director of Tonir Limited, the Israeli company that developed the skin cream. “We began selling the product to industrial companies in the United States in 1996,”

The product has already been used by fire and police departments, as well as organizations as diverse as Boeing, Con-Agra Foods, U.S. Steel and the U.S. Armed Services to protect them against against exposure to toxic and irritating substances.

Now, for the first time, the product is available on the wider U.S. consumer market.

Manufactured by the world renown Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories, Hand Sense is a registered trademark of North American Safety Products, Inc. Approved by the FDA for over the counter use, Hand Sense’s water-based and non-greasy formula works by penetrating the top layer of skin and forming a soft shield on the dermal layer below, protecting its users from such irritating and potentially toxic materials as acids, chemicals, solvents, oils, dyes and many others.

“Because Hand Sense is 85% water, it is non-greasy, which enables the user to continue to work with his hands without them getting slippery. And water and soap won’t take it off during the 4-5 hours of its effectiveness,” Segev told Israel21c.

During initial testing of the product, it was found to reduce perspiration 75%, particularly when used under gloves. Dr. Murray Hamlet, of the Army Research Institute of Environmental Medicine, touts the benefits of this finding: “Hand Sense looks like hand cream but it’s magic stuff. Used underneath gloves and socks it keeps your hands and feet dry and consequently warmer,” said Hamlet. For that reason, Hand Sense has gained popularity with doctors and nurses as it protects their skin from harsh antimicrobial soaps and latex gloves.

Likewise, companies like NorthWest Airlines have been using Hand Sense as a protectant against numerous chemicals, greases and oils including Skydrol, a synthetic hydraulic fluid for aircraft.

“Before using Hand Sense, we had major problems with dermatitis and cracking skin due to exposure to Skydrol even though protectants were used, and also due to the fact that hands were being washed 10 to 15 times a day. After using Hand Sense for the past year we have had great success in lowering the number of incidents of dermatitis and cracking skin,” said NorthWest representative Kent Karllson.

According to Hand Sense marketing director Rebecca Rinot, the time has come for the general public to reap the benefits of Hand Sense.

“People are just beginning to realize how important this type of skin protection is. Fifteen years ago, very few people used sunscreen. Now it’s part of our every day routine. Similarly, people have been suffering from exposures to harmful substances and weather causing dermatitis and skin allergies for years. Scientists are now reporting the severity of these conditions and the serious threat of systemic problems caused by long-term exposure to these toxic substances. We believe Hand Sense is the next generation of skin protection,” said Rinot.

According to Segev, encouraging tests are being conducted regarding the effectiveness of Hand Sense against chemical attack.

“Hand Sense is totally effective against any kind of acid spill or any chemical that comes in contact with the body via the skin, rather than the air. We’re doing tests now with positive results for Hand Sense’s effectiveness against mustard gas and isotope spillage,” Segev said.

Hand Sense is available to U.S. consumers via drugstore.com, inc. , the leading Internet retailer of health, beauty, wellness, personal care and pharmacy products.

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