Abu Dhabi to sign deal with Israeli satellite serviceAbu Dhabi, the second largest member of the United Arab Emirates, is planning to sign a multi-million dollar deal with Israeli company, ImageSat International, according to a report in the American Defense News magazine.
ImageSat, which is co-owned by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and several private investors, owns and operates two EROS satellites, both of which were manufactured in Israel. Under the terms of the contract, thought to be worth in the region of $20 million annually, the Gulf state will get access to these images.
The report suggested that ImageSat first signed an imagery cooperation agreement with Abu Dhabi, which has no official ties with Israel, in 2006, enabling the country to see images from the Eros-A satellite. The new agreement will allow Abu Dhabi to see images from the Eros-B satellite, which was launched into space nearly three years ago.