Healthymize, a startup whose artificial intelligence (AI) technology continuously analyzes patients’ voice and breathing during regular voice calls to alert their doctors to early signs of flare-ups of chronic diseases such as asthma and COPD, won the connected-health startup contest held September 14 in Jerusalem as part of the international mHealth Israel conference.

Healthymize cofounder and CEO Dr. Shady Hassan said the company expects to begin clinical trials within a year via partnerships with connected-health organizations around the world.

The startup contest runner-up was AIdoc, which utilizes deep learning and artificial intelligence to detect critical anomalies in medical images and patient data for radiologists.

The other finalists were Augmedics (augmented-reality guided surgery system), Neteera (a disruptive sensing technology with medical applications), DayTwo (microbiome analysis to predict blood sugar responses to thousands of different foods), EyeControl (mobile communication device for ALS patients and others unable to communicate verbally), Dreamed Diabetes (cloud-based analytics and decision support technology for optimal patient-specific insulin treatment plans), MedyMatch (AI support tools to help caregivers assess stroke patients in prehospital environments) and Wikaya (AI-driven personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes and screening tests to lower risk for chronic diseases).

The fourth annual mHealth Israel Conference, Israel’s largest connected health conference, united more than 60 global healthcare leaders and investors from Israel, Europe and the United States with about 500 health-tech innovators from Israel and other countries.

mHealth Israel has more than 4,500 members, making it the largest connected health community in the Middle East. In addition to the annual conference, mHealth Israel runs global roadshows, a Startups Database and other activities connecting Israeli digital health startups with global healthcare leaders.