In the course of just one month, December 2009, $80,000 was raised for hundreds of Jewish and Israeli projects in a campaign initiated by, the first and largest e-philanthropy site in the Jewish and Israeli world.

Thousands of people from 60 countries visited JGooders, with approximately three percent of all visits to the site culminating in donations. This is significantly higher than the one percent benchmark considered a success in the e-commerce and e-philanthropy sectors.

JGooders reports that donations ranged from $5 – $1500 for projects in education, coexistence, health, Jewish identity, poverty and more. The average donation was $115.

The special end-of-year campaign challenged non-profits to take advantage of the month of December, when organizations generally raise the most money.

Tova Serkin, Chief Business Officer at JGooders says “This was a first opportunity for donors around the world to choose between hundreds of Jewish and Israeli projects when deciding about their end of year giving.”

JGooders is an online giving platform that enables non-profits to showcase their projects and attract donations while allowing individuals to choose the causes that are important to them and to connect with them via donations or community service.