Sixty-five Israeli companies are in Barcelona this week exhibiting the latest tech marvels from the Startup Nation. The annual Mobile World Congress caters to telecom service providers, equipment vendors, smart device manufacturers and companies in the smart home and smart city spaces – all areas where Israeli tech excels.

The Israeli companies are set up in an Israel Pavilion sponsored by the Israel Export Institute along with the Israel Ministry of Economy.

Here are a few of the exhibiting Israel companies:

• 2Sens – 3D video streaming and capture technology, with the option for adding augmented reality.
• BillRun – real-time billing for mobile operators, covering multiple sources, including calls, text messages and data.
• Byond – a cloud-based platform for creating 360, virtual and augmented reality videos.
• Cellint – real-time data traffic information to make smart cities even smarter.
• Check Point – Israel’s leading cybersecurity firm shows off its latest product, SandBlast Mobile.
• EyeSight – sensors to control smart homes by gestures and for enhanced TV viewing.
• Glassbox – record, replay and analyze web and mobile app sessions – every swipe, click and mouse movement.
• HopOn – pay for your bus ticket via HopOn’s mobile app, already in use in Israel, Germany and the Czech Republic.
• MUGO – a platform for “social music” where listeners can share and chat even if they’re using different mobile applications.
• NanoScent – gives phones the ability to recognize smells. Intended for agriculture, food security and more.
• PayKey – a smart branded keyboard for mobile devices that integrates payment information.
• Powermat – installs wireless charging spots on tables in public places such as restaurants, hotels and airports.
• Spacecom – showing off the AMOS-17 satellite for mobile communications.
• – has developed a technology that allows items in a photo or video to become purchasable.
• Vayyar – movement detection sensors can also be used in cars as well as for elder care, home security and business automation.
• VocalZoom – improves sound quality from mobile microphones by measuring facial skin vibrations.

The full list can be found here.