December 24, 2020

A new study from Stanford University in PLOS Biology identified the top 2 percent of researchers in various disciplines worldwide, based on publications, citations, and impact.

The list includes 160,000 researchers from 149 countries in 22 scientific disciplines and 176 subdisciplines.

Tel Aviv University announced that 333 of its faculty members ranked among the top 2%; 155 of them in the top 1%; and 74 in the top 0.5%.

The following 12 TAU researchers were ranked among the world top 50 researchers in their fields:

• Prof. Itzhak Gilboa from the School of Economics is sixth in the world in theoretical economics, and his colleague Prof. Emeritus David Schmeidler from the School of Mathematics is 12th in the world in the same discipline.

• Prof. Jiska Cohen-Mansfield from the Faculty of Medicine is ranked 12th in the world in geriatrics.

• Three members of the Faculty of Engineering also rank high in their fields of research: Prof. Emilia Fridman (26), Prof. Emeritus Gedeon Dagan (29) and Prof. Boris Malomed (29).

• Prof. Emeritus Micha Sharir from the School of Computer Science is ranked 35th and Prof. Arie Levant from the School of Mathematics is ranked 36th.

• Four emeritus professors from the Faculty of Humanities are included: Rachel Giora ranked 40th in linguistics; Israel Finkelstein ranked 44th in archeology; Benjamin Isaac ranked 45th in classics; and Elana Shohamy ranked 47th in education.

TAU’s Vice President for Research, Prof. Dan Peer, ranked among the top 0.4% in the world in nanotechnology.

“This is a cause for real national pride. TAU is known for its academic excellence and recognized as a leading interdisciplinary university. It is a great honor for us that 333 of our researchers rank among the top 2% of the world’s best researchers,” Peer said.

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