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August 30, 2018, Updated September 24, 2019

If you’re looking to gift “blue and white” this holiday (that is, products made in Israel by Israeli artisans and/or with Israeli materials), then these 12 unique present options might be just what you’ve been searching for.

Whether gifting a little piece of the Holy Land to the foodies, art enthusiasts, product hounds or adventure seekers in your life, you can send a little bit of Israeli-made magic to everyone on your list. You’ll feel warm and fuzzy about your holiday spending, and you may be tempted to get one of everything for yourself too!

  1. Mashu Mashu Box
A Mashu Mashu Box option for Rosh Hashana. Photo: courtesy

A gift that keeps on giving, these curated subscription boxes deliver an assortment of Israeli-made goodies, including food items, cosmetics and Judaica, right to your door. Mashu Mashu boxes, created by Russian transplant Katya Koko, also offer special packages for Rosh Hashana.

Pomegranate soap from Jerusalem Soap Company in a custom ceramic soap dish, Yoffi date spreads and Israeli honeycomb from Michanim Honey are just a few of the items that come in the deluxe holiday box.

  1. Shira Haivri Jewish Art
Shira Haivri making her tambourines. Photo by Janiv Haivri

Empowering women through tambourine art workshops that focus on the prophetess Miriam’s celebration of the ancient Israelites’ redemption from Egypt, Shira Haivri also creates these undeniably beautiful and standout unique Judaica items and sells them on her website.

Her calligraphy and artistry make for a new kind of personalized Judaica that one can proudly display all year round, but holiday themed-scenes such as blooming pomegranates and blessings of peace for the coming year make these custom pieces even more relevant to the New Year.

  1. GivinGifts
Givin’ Gifts Rosh Hashana package. Photo by Neil Mercer

Survey the catalogue at GivinGifts, and the gorgeous ceramic bowls, candles, Judaica and boutique olive oil sets may just seem like some nice holiday gift choices, but delve a bit deeper, and you will find the greater cause behind the site’s facade.

GivinGifts, created by Caroline Mercer and Kim Taylor, two friends from the UK who moved to Israel and settled on Kibbutz Tuval in the Western Galilee, has four primary missions: Supporting adults with disabilities, encouraging the production of sustainable and recycled art, and promoting fair-trade items, as well as items that have been made by women.

Their products are both environmentally friendly and socially conscious, and support the causes of the non-profit organizations and local artisans who create the objects.

  1. Hinanili-NilliWStudio
One of the honey dishes made by Hinanili-NiliWStudio Gifts for House and Family Photo Courtesy of Niliwstudio

A handcrafted apple-and-honey dish from the Etsy shop of Israeli artist Nili Waiss is a colorful addition that any host would be thrilled to receive for their Rosh Hashana table.

Waiss’ vibrantly painted pieces are made of wood and glass, and display Hebrew blessings for a happy New Year — a little reminder of the symbolism of the High Holidays that can be kept as an heirloom for generations to come.

  1. Women Judaica Makers of Tel Aviv:

Laura Cowan Judaica

CeMMent Judaica

Studio Armadillo

Rosh Hashana table accessories by Laura Cowan Judaica, Armadillo Judaica Lovers and CeMMent Studio. Photo by Hadas Kruk

It’s rare that competing artists from the same city would team up to trade advice, share their secrets to success, and lend each other a helping hand, but Tel Aviv-based silversmith Laura Cowan, Judaica artists Anat Stein and Hadas Kruk of Studio Armadillo, and Marit Meisler of CeMMent art studio have done exactly that.

Mezuzah covers by Armadillo Judaica Lovers Studio. Photo: courtesy

Whether you’re touched by the fair-trade, community-produced geometric and origami-inspired ceramics of Studio Armadillo; the ultra-clean modern look of Cowan’s stainless steel mezuzah covers, honey dishes and challah boards; or the non-traditional cement-based hamsas and mezuzahs of CeMMent studio, you don’t have to choose just one artist to support. Consider purchasing their collaborative Rosh Hashana table setting in one neat little package. (Contact the artists by email for details.)

  1. Pninat HaLev personalized jewelry
A personalized Pninat HaLev silver pomegranate necklace. Photo by Penny Harrow Thau

When it comes to personalizing jewelry, Penny Harow Thau of Pninat HaLev takes things beyond the typical engraving by creating cut-out lettering in her silver designs, which include pomegranate, Star of David and map of Israel necklaces.

Known for her biannual booth at the Ramat Beit Shemesh Mega Mall, Harrow Thau also operates an online site for those who can’t make it to the Holy Land before the holiday season sets in.

  1. Candleroom
Photo courtesy of Candleroom

Operating out of their studio in Kfar Saba, husband-and-wife team Lily and Lior Finkielsztein have dedicated themselves since 2013 to making eco-friendly candles inspired by their world travels.

Although scents that remind one of Caracas, Buenos Aires and Montreal are among their items, their soy candles, natural beeswax candles, reed diffusers and incense also come in scents that read closer to home, for example those inspired by bohemian Tel Aviv or a fig garden.

Limited-edition Moroccan tea glass candles and dinner candles made from local Israeli beeswax, also lend an intimate Mediterranean ambiance to your dinner table or holiday home décor.

  1. Scaventures: Jerusalem The Experiential Guidebook 
Scaventures Jerusalem Guide book. Photo courtesy of Stuart Schnee PR

Walking around ancient and modern Jerusalem is awe-inspiring enough, but imagine knowing the history behind every nook and cranny. Leave it to Tali Tarlow to apply her widespread knowledge from her unique tourism business, Israel ScaVentures, to a book that does just that.

This isn’t like any history book you’ve ever seen. Tarlow approaches exploration from a fun, family-friendly perspective. You’ll get the full story through five self-guided tracks filled with games, role-based challenges and over 100 scavenger-hunt missions that you or your family and friends can complete on your next trip to Israel’s capital city.

  1. Olea Essence

Using all parts of the olive to produce unfiltered extra virgin olive oil and natural beauty products, Olea Essence, based in the Golan town of Katzrin, and inspired by the Sea of Galilee below, is committed to responsible production of sustainable organic products.

Using the products produced from the Talmon family’s own olive orchard means basking in all the benefits that Israeli olives have to offer, including the countless vitamins, minerals and antioxidants naturally produced by the fruit whose harvest defines Israel’s fall season.

  1. Ben Ezer Plantations

The Harry & David of Israel, Ben Ezer Plantations is not only your hookup for luscious Israeli citrus fruits come winter, but also of fine Israeli wines, confections and other Israeli food products such as high-quality nuts, honey and baked goods.

Based out of the heart of Tel Aviv’s gourmet district on Ibn Gvirol Street, and in operation for three decades, Ben Ezer is a go-to source for gourmet goodie boxes that your foodie friends and family will love you for.

  1. Twirl and Curl Art
Courtesy of Twirl and Curl

South African Cindy Hurwitz moved to central Israel and opened Twirl & Curl Art at the beginning of 2017. Inspired by the creativity and spirituality present in Israel, Hurwitz creates and sells custom-made paper artwork made up of intricate quilling, all within the theme of Judaism and modern Israel.

A bit of Israeli magic to hang on the wall, popular works include Hurwitz’s framed baby blessings, hamsas and Israeli flags.

  1. Chai Reveal Cards

Created with the mission to bring families back together over card games in the age of electronic everything, founder Miriam Lotner has successfully brought her Reveal Cards (otherwise known as Qurious cards) to the market.

With sets that encourage the exploration of everything from Israel to Florida to outer space, the company’s latest addition is the Chai Reveal deck, a game based on Jewish traditions and celebrations from around the globe. Gift these fun and informative cards for the holidays, and let loved ones relive the glory days before the distractions of iPhones and Wi-Fi.

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