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September 27, 2021, Updated September 29, 2021

Jerusalem has many Instagram-worthy spots. If you’re looking to liven up your Instagram feed or just want to explore Jerusalem, searching out these places will be not only an enjoyable task, but you will learn much about Jerusalem’s rich history as you explore the remarkable city sites.  

  1. “I ♥️ JLM”

This sculpture (see above) is in Tzahal Square between City Hall and the Jaffa Gate entrance into the Old City of Jerusalem. It is reminiscent of many others around the world and has become a major tourist attraction. You will invariably find people posing with this iconic sign. Whether you’re standing or sitting or with a group of people, this landmark makes for a fun post to show your love for Jerusalem.

2. Western Wall (Kotel)

The Western Wall may be the most Instagrammed spot in Jerusalem. Photo by Danya Belkin

One of the most famous places in all of Jerusalem and a very religious and spiritual site for Jews, the very photogenic Western Wall attracts people from around the world. It is a small segment of the ancient retaining wall of the Second Temple (516 BCE-70 CE) and was built by Herod the Great, the Roman-appointed king of Judea.

3. BaklaWish in Machane Yehuda Market

A plate of knafeh from BaklaWish in Machane Yehuda market. Photo by Danya Belkin

Walking through the shuk, you are sure to see many people holding what looks like an exotic dish to outsiders and a comfort food to those who live in the Middle East. It is known as knafeh and it’s likely from BaklaWish.

BaklaWish is a picturesque eatery in Machane Yehuda market. Photo by Danya Belkin

Knafeh is made with shredded phyllo dough, soaked in syrup and layered with cheese and other toppings. Snapping a photo in the bustling walkways of the marketplace with this dish in hand will remind you of the mouthwatering and manifold foods encountered throughout Jerusalem.

4. Heart at The First Station (Tachana Rishona)

Ava Rosen and Abby Miller posing next to the heart art in The First Station, Jerusalem. Photo by Danya Belkin

The first train station in Jerusalem (built in 1892 and operational until 1998), this historical site has become an endearing date and hangout spot for any age. In 2013, the station reopened as a multi-use space with shops and restaurants.

In the center of The First Station is an adorable heart structure and a must for Instagram. There are a couple stairs leading up to the platform, a perfect spot to pose with a friend, especially at night when the heart is illuminated with a bright red light.

5. Graffiti/art walls

Street art makes a great Instagram backdrop in Jerusalem. Photo by Danya Belkin

A hidden gem behind Agripas Street near Machane Yehuda, this secluded graffiti wall is a draw for the Instagram aficionado. The vibrant blue, purple and pink colors of the wall make for a lively backdrop for any photograph.

Another hip photo wall backdrop can be found in an alleyway between Agripas and Bezalel streets. A beautiful painting of a hamsa can be found here. If you have an artistic side, either of these spots will definitely catch your eye.

6. Jaffa Gate

Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem. Photo by Shutterstock

Jaffa Gate, built in 1538, is one of a few entrances leading into the Old City. With a grand walkway leading up to the gate, this is a perfect spot to take a couple snaps for your Instagram feed.

The classic Jerusalem stone gives you a real taste of the Old City. The gate was built under the direction of Suleiman the Magnificent with design features intended to slow charging enemies.

The gate’s name reflects its position as the start of the old road to the port city of Jaffa. History enthusiasts will be especially grateful to be shown in this significant location.

7. Rubber ducky on Ben Yehuda Street

A man busks next to the rubber duck sculpture in Jerusalem. Photo by Shutterstock

Have you ever seen the massive rubber ducky statue on Ben Yehuda Street? This has to be on your bucket list of places to go in Jerusalem, especially for an Instagram shot. You will always find this duck surrounded by plenty of posers. While you are there, make sure to check out the pedestrian-only street full of souvenir shops, street vendors and eateries.

8. The Israel Museum AHAVA Sculpture

Danya Belkin at Robert Indiana’s iconic love sculpture at the Israel Museum. Photo by Ava Rosen

Designed by Robert Indiana in 1977, this 12-foot-high steel sculpture spells AHAVA (“love” in Hebrew) and is an iconic piece at the Israel Museum, following suit after many similar sculptures around the world.

Indiana created this artistic piece as a gift to the museum and it serves as a memorial tribute to Bishop James A. Pike, an American Episcopal bishop who died while exploring the Israeli desert in 1969.

With a beautiful lookout point behind it, the AHAVA sculpture has become an Instagram photo staple for individuals and groups.

9. Butterfly planter near Sacher Park

Here’s Danya Belkin next to the colorful butterfly planter in Sacher Park, Jerusalem. Photo by Ava Rosen

Gan Sacher (Sacher Park) offers multiple Instagrammable spots throughout the lush greenery of this public garden and recreational area. A stand-out location is the butterfly-shaped floral planter created by the Jerusalem municipality. When in full bloom, the brightly colored flower garden provides a lovely backdrop for memorable photos.

10. Giant radio in Safra Square

This giant radio in Jerusalem’s municipal complex is an eye-catcher and it really works, too. Photo by Danya Belkin

You can’t miss the giant National Panasonic radio replica in Safra Square. I guarantee it’s the largest working radio you’ll ever see. The three-meter-high digital radio is operated with solar energy and broadcasts five different stations. Every so often it is moved to another location around Jerusalem. In addition to its impressive size, the colorful pop of teal color is attractive for an Instagram post.

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