Israeli developers never stop creating Web and mobile applications to make life easier, safer and more fun.

In our occasional series of the latest apps from Israel, here are 10 more worthy of your attention.

Angels Nearby turns social media into a virtual marketplace for mutual help in your own neighborhood – say, if you need a power drill, a dog-walker, a ride to the train station — with a strong focus on “trusted communities” such as college campuses, businesses and non-profit organizations. The app is available in English, French, Arabic, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew for iOS or Android.

  1. The Dead Sea App for iOS or Android helps users plan a visit to Israel’s perennially popular tourist site at the lowest place on Earth. Use the app to book a hotel, check for local festivals and events, and learn about the history, ecology and health benefits that make the Dead Sea a unique natural wonder of the world.
  1. Minute was developed to address the overload of videos that people share, providing users an interface that lets them quickly view only the most engaging highlights of viral videos based on crowdsourced viewer behavior. The Android app also has a function for discovering video content suited to the user’s preferences.

  1. Beachers enables beach-goers to update and report beach status to fellow beach-goers. The iOS and Android app is not only about creating and sharing your list of favorite beaches anywhere, but also sharing real-time information such as jellyfish alerts, changes in admission fees, full parking lots, public transport access and dog-friendliness ratings.
  1. TryItOn virtual makeup tester by EZface uses a patented technology to present a realistic simulation of how more than 25,000 makeup products (L’Oreal, Maybelline, Revlon, CoverGirl, Physicians Formula, Sally Hansen and other leading brands) will actually look on the user’s face. Choose a product in the beauty aisle, upload a photo of your face, scan the product’s barcode and see if it’s right for you.

  1. KitCut Visual Mashup app for iOS allows users to enjoy funny content through a social-media feed of mashups and create their own out-of-the-box mashups in seconds. KitCut promises to do to images what Vine did to videos.
  1. Haystack lets users create an electronic business card in 30 seconds, and store other people’s business cards with a click of the smartphone camera. Not only does this iOS and Android app do away with the need to carry around stacks of paper cards, it also automatically updates the digital cards as your contacts get a promotion, change jobs or contact details. You can share your digital card via email or text right in the app.
Haystack is a business card reader with a few cutting-edge twists. Photo: courtesy
Haystack is a business card reader with a few cutting-edge twists. Photo: courtesy

 SensoryTreat for iOS or Android is a platform to help occupational therapists and parents discover and customize more than 100 sensory activities grouped by type of stimulation. Parents can videotape activities during OT sessions and add them to the home program. Other features include activity reminders and monitoring and evaluation tools. The app was developed by the parents of two children with SPD (sensory processing disorder). It will eventually be adapted for parents of kids with autism, ADHD and special diets.

  1. Communer  is a customizable community-management app that allows information (such as announcements and notifications) to be shared and integrated with other community platforms such as Facebook groups. It can be configured with separate apps for each branch of a larger community, and can also feed and grab data from a national level. Initially Communer is targeted at unifying Jewish communities across the world but could be utilized by any type of group with multiple communities.
  1. Moovz was created with a vision to provide the global LGBT community a common space to discuss and share, and now claims to be the world’s largest social network of its kind. Israeli pop star Ivri Lider is an investor and promoter of the iOS and Android app and the Moovz brand.