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Top 10 alternative tourist spots in Israel

There’s no shortage of fascinating tourist sites for the first time traveler to Israel. But what about on that next visit, when you’ve already done Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Masada? Fortunately, we have just the TripTik for you: our top 10 “off-the-beaten-track” tourist attractions in Israel.

Turning Israel into a living classroom

Keshet educational tours interface with Israeli society so that visitors understand that the story of contemporary Israel is their story, too. “Keshet is in many ways an organization of old friends who share their resources and excitement,” Yitzhak Sokoloff, founding …

Walking with Jesus on the Gospel Trail

Walking with Jesus on the Gospel Trail

Israel’s newest hiking route allows Christian pilgrims to trek the same terrain where Jesus once walked. Israel’s recently inaugurated 60-kilometer Gospel Trail starts in Nazareth, where Jesus spent his early years, and ends up at the Sea of Galilee, the …