Churchix developer Moshe Greenshpan. Photo courtesy
Taking the Internet into the iPhone age

Taking the Internet into the iPhone age

Israeli startup Do@ aims to “app-ify” the mobile web so smartphone users can search across apps rather than generate an unwieldy list of links. The Internet has had a good run. More than two billion people are connected around the …

Israeli business incubator launches in China

Rapidly growing Israel-China link includes new industrial initiatives and a plan to teach Israel studies at Chinese universities. The industrial park in Wujin, Changzhou, has two Israeli businesses and more to come. “Israeli businessmen are clever, hardworking and serious — …

High-definition TV over low-cost Internet

Cut the cable, lose the satellite dish: ZiXi’s streaming Internet TV platform is better and cheaper, and it’s made in Israel. Zixi CEO Israel Drori. Disconnect those cables. Take those unsightly satellite dishes off your roof. Everything your TV needs …

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