Netanyahu salutes Paralympians

Prime Minister calls Paralympic athletes ‘champions’ as they get ready for London.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Minister of Sport Limor Livnat recently held a second reception for Israel’s delegates to the Aug. 29 – Sept. 9 Paralympic Games. The first gala sendoff for Israel’s Olympic and Paralympic teams took place at the President’s Residence in Jerusalem on July 9.

With the Olympians now back in Israel, the Paralympians have their eyes set on London. The Israeli delegates hope to reach the podium in road cycling, rowing, sailing, wheelchair tennis, table tennis, shooting, swimming, equestrian, and athletics.

“What you demand of yourselves, nobody demands of you,” he said. “You demand of yourselves and achieve things physically and, first and foremost, mentally. From my point-of-view, you are already champions,” Netanyahu told the delegates.

Netanyahu told the athletes that Israeli television stations would broadcast footage of the Paralympic Games. “I want all Israelis to see our champions,” he said.

Livnat reiterated the connection between the Olympics and Paralympics.

“I see you as an inseparable part of Israeli and Olympic sports. In my view, you rise above all other athletes with your ability to overcome your handicaps,” she said. “You do amazing things and are a model for the emulation and admiration of our youth and all those who encounter difficulties.”

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