First Asian startup accelerator launches in Israel

StartupEast/Zell entrepreneurship program host group of Korean entrepreneurs.

Asia is the future for Israeli startups, say the organizers behind the new and first-of-its-kind Asian startup accelerator in Israel. StartupEast, in partnership with IDC’s Zell entrepreneurship program, are hosting a group of Korean entrepreneurs in a three-week course in Tel Aviv.

StartupEast dubs itself as the only accelerator in Israel having extensive business networks across Asia, including Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul. Its goal is to bridge between Israeli innovation and the immense market opportunities which Asia presents.

“This is a great opportunity for our ecosystem. Too often we see Israeli startups trying to penetrate the US market and failing. We truly believe Asia is the future for Israeli startups, and that’s what we’re trying to achieve through our programs, led with a sheer bottom-up ‘grassroots’ approach,” says Omri Shamir, a founding partner of StartupEast.

The startups participating in the program include Way, Ideabove and Morecomic, focusing on wearable technology, music sharing service and comic platform, respectively.


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